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Control Systems

Control Systems

RMC Industrial Automation Ltd. performs engineering, delivery, configuration and start-up of industrial control systems including:

  • Process Automation Systems (PAS);
  • Emergency shut-down systems (ESD);
  • Other automation systems (pouring tank overpasses, compressor and pumping stations, etc.)

The Companys Engineering Department is staffed by highly qualified specialists who have the pertinent education in automated control systems and who have years of experience in their field and we have TUV certified engineers. TUV FS Eng (functional safety engineer) certificate numbers are: 6168/13 6172/13. Reference on TUV site:
FS Engineer Certificates matching "6172" - Certipedia,
FS Engineer Certificates matching "6168" - Certipedia .

Documentation is developed on the main technical State standards applied in Russia, including GOST 34.003-90 and RD 50-34.698.90.

RMC Industrial Automation Ltd. is ready to provide services for the engineering of control systems, including:

  • System design;
  • Production and delivery of the system to site;
  • Control system programming;
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT);
  • Supervision of Control system erection;
  • Control system commissioning and start-up.

For our foreign Customers we are ready to provide additional services, including:

  • Translation of your English language project documentation into Russian;
  • Support during technical negotiations with your Customer;
  • Development of additional GOST 34.003-90 and RD 50-34.698.90 documents which may be required by Russian laws or by the End-User;
  • Assembly of control cabinets based upon your project engineering with FAT (if necessary). Our cabinet assembly facility is located in Moscow in the same building as our engineering and office staff;
  • Commissioning and Start-up of your control system supplied as a part of an OEM or APC project.

Upon request, we can provide our reference list.

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